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Best Day Trading Software
Day Trading Software
Day Trading Software

Day Trading Software is a tool that allows access to the futures markets in order to visualize movements and make investments in a time period no longer than one day.

All traders, regardless of the investment strategy they apply, can operate from these platforms that will provide them with data to make informed decisions.

Day trading is a short-term investment strategy, mostly used in more liquid markets.

The objective of day traders is to make profits from these rapid market movements by opening positions that usually last from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

The importance of choosing a good Day Trading software lies in the high speed at which prices move in the markets where this strategy is used.

If it does not provide accurate data together with indicators that help to make quick decisions, the platform can harm the traders' performance.

If you choose to trade with a Uprofit account, you will be able to trade with the platform of your choice, as we work with the most popular ones, just as long as they support RTrader data.

How to Choose a Day Trading Software?

When looking for a Day Trading software, it is important that you take into account certain characteristics which are necessary for you to be able to perform at your best in your operations.

Some factors you can consider are:

  1. Speed and stability: this aspect is essential in a Day Trading software, since it must be agile and stable to allow the execution of fast and accurate operations.
  2. Availability: you should look for a platform that offers accessibility from different devices so that you have alternatives to access from your cell phone, computer or any other device you prefer.
  3. Customization: it is important that the platform allows you to customize its tools to suit your preferences and needs as an operator.
  4. Technical analysis: a good Day Trading software should include advanced technical analysis tools to help traders identify price patterns and trends. It is important that you can view charts and tables that allow you to speculate on the price action and thus know when it is convenient to open or close positions in the market.
  5. Real-time market data: the software must provide you with accurate, real-time market data to enable you to make informed decisions.
  6. Commissions and fees: it is important that you check that the commissions and fees are reasonable in order to minimize the costs of trading. However, you should not choose the cheapest one just for the sake of it as not all of them offer the same tools. You can look for one that provides you with the information you need without charging excessive fees.

Knowing all this and taking into account your preferences, objectives and conditions, you can choose the Day Trading software you consider best.

However, we will mention some that, in our opinion, are the best for trading and that we recommend to all traders who join Uprofit.


NinjaTrader is our trusted trading platform. It is one of the leaders in the market, with more than 500,000 traders who find support in its software to trade different types of financial assets.

Something important to highlight is that it is a free Day Trading software from which you can visualize and analyze the market, elaborate advanced charts, develop trading systems and simulate operations. These tools allow traders to discover opportunities with potential for trading.

The variety of interfaces supported by NinjaTrader makes it possible to trade 24/7, since the schedules of the different markets in which you can invest from the platform are different, with the possibility of automating stop, limit and trailing orders.

NinjaTrader is a Day Trading software suitable for traders of all levels, whether they are just starting out or are experts in the area.

At Uprofit, it is the platform that we recommend the most to our traders because it has a powerful and easy to use trading platform, in addition to having first class support.


R|Trader is one of Rithmic's applications, a data feed service that serves as an intermediary between traders and trading platforms.

It provides access to fast, accurate and reliable data flows, bringing security and accuracy to traders' operations.

A great advantage of Rithmic is its process, which offers its traders the possibility of "storing" orders, so that you can demand the guarantee of a price for a given order even if you are not in front of the computer to do so.

Regarding Rithmic's Day Trading software offer, R|Trader is its most basic option.

It offers the possibility of viewing the current and actual quotes in the investment markets, as well as the volume of transactions carried out.

On the other hand, this same application allows you to place, modify and cancel orders and view standard statistics such as your past performance, positions and risk limits.

However, R|Trader do not have the option to view charts, an essential feature for every trader.

Those who use it most probably need a second screen to access their charts from another platform. The latter is one of the big differences in comparison to the other platform offered by R|Trader.

R|Trader Pro

The Pro version of R|Trader offers the same functionalities as the previous one but with the option of accessing charts from the platform and with the incorporation of Microsoft Excel in the interface to enable you to manage your trades and create your own, customized indicators.

A great attraction of this version is the convenience it offers traders, as they can set up and send trades from within Excel, as well as activate automatic trades for those who wish to implement a trading strategy based on algorithms.

At the same time, when viewing charts, this Day Trading software allows you to draw trend lines, shapes, fans, arcs and any common visual signals you prefer.

You can also manage primary and secondary studies, and add technical overlays you have created or used from the pre-programmed selection.

R|Trader Pro has about 100 pre-programmed indicators, although more experienced traders usually prefer to do different ones independently.

Another valuable aspect of this version is the ability to access the platform via a mobile application. This gives traders the freedom to consult charts, market activity, order flow and order history.

In this way, you will be able to travel without losing sight of your operations and new market opportunities, although for the moment it is not possible to place orders from your cell phone.

These are the Day Trading softwares that we recommend at Uprofit, available for any trading strategy. You can start trading on them by accessing one of our evaluation programs.

They are designed to offer fair conditions to all traders, regardless of the strategy they prefer to follow. Try them to do trading in your own way, without risking your capital.