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Maximum contracts

Hey Uprofiter! 🚀

Let's talk about the maximum number of contracts. This maximum number refers to the maximum authorized position (absolute value) at a given time. You are only allowed to trade a certain number of contracts depending on the size of your account.

For example, if you have a maximum number of contracts of 6, you can trade 3 contracts on the CL and simultaneously trade 3 other contracts on the E-Mini S&P 500.


Take a look at the maximum number of contracts allowed for each program👇

25K program - up to 4 E-Minis
50K program
- up to 6 E-Minis

100K program - up to 12 E-Minis
150K program - up to 8 E-Minis
200K Program - up to 20 E-Minis

The maximum number of Micro E-Mini contracts allowed👇

9K account - 5 Micro E-Minis
25K account - 20 Micro E-Minis

50K account - 30 Micro E-Minis
100K account - 50 Micro E-Minis
150K account -  60 Micro E-Minis
200K account - 80 Micro E-Minis


📌Remember that per-contract pricing works like this:

🖇️E-Mini: $5 ($2.5 entry and $2.5 exit)

🖇️ Micro E Mini: $1 ($0.5 entry and $0.5 exit)


📌 1 E-Mini contract equals 10 E-Mini Micros.

Take a look at this info🔎

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