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Withdrawal and Closing Policy

Hey Uprofiters! πŸš€

Take a look at the withdrawal and account closure policy πŸ”Ž

 1. Cash Withdrawal 🏧

1.1. Withdrawal Limits πŸ›‘: Account holders may make withdrawals of funds, as specified in the terms and conditions of each account or contractual agreements.

1.2. Withdrawal Process πŸ“‹: Withdrawals may be made through our designated channel,

1.3. Processing Time ⏱️: Withdrawals will be subject to our company's standard processing times (24 hours).

1.4. Pending Withdrawals πŸ—ƒοΈ: In some cases, withdrawals may be subject to additional review for possible fraudulent activity such as Hedging or Copytrading. If suspicious transactions are identified, the withdrawal may be held or temporarily blocked until the review is completed.


2. Account Closure πŸ”’

2.1. Request for Closure πŸ“₯: Account holders may request closure of their account at any time through our customer service channels, account balance must be in accordance with Fair Trade Policy.

2.2. Identity Verification πŸͺͺ: Before processing the account closure, verification of the account holder's identity will be performed to ensure the security of the request.

2.3. Outstanding Balance πŸ’°: If the account has an outstanding balance, it will be verified according to the withdrawal conditions that you'll find πŸ‘‰πŸΌ here.


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What are the rules to operate a Uprofit Live Account?



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