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NinjaTrader connection guide - Updated

Hey Uprofiter! 🚀

I'll show you how to download Ninja Trader and set up your account. If you already have the platform downloaded, please skip to steps 6️⃣ and 7️⃣ 👀:

1️⃣ Login to and enter your email.


2️⃣ A new page will open where you'll need to verify your email. Check your inbox and click on ''Confirm Email Address''.


3️⃣ Create a username and password, check the terms and conditions box if you agree with them, and click ''Create user''. 


4️⃣ You will be taken to a new window, navigate to the link "Not ready for live trading? Initiate a risk-free trial of simulated operations."

image (3).png

5️⃣ After that, you need to fill in the information requested by NinjaTrader and click on "Continue."

image (4).png

6️⃣ Upon entering your information, you will access the NinjaTrader Dashboard, where you can download the platform and set up the license.

- First, let's configure the license. Please click on the top-right icon and choose "Settings" from the dropdown menu.

*If you already have the platform downloaded and only need to configure the license, please follow the instructions in steps 6️⃣ and 7️⃣, then skip to step 🔟

image (5).png

7️⃣ Within the settings, you should choose "Plans" and then "Import License Key."

There, you'll need to enter the license that was sent to you along with your credentials in the Welcome email and click on "Import."

image (6).png

image (7).png

8️⃣ You've successfully set up your Uprofit license. Now, all you need to do is download the platform. To do this, go back to the Dashboard's Home and click on "Download" on the left side of your screen.

image (8).png

9️⃣ We recommend downloading the latest version of the platform.

image (9).png

🔟Once the platform is downloaded, make sure to log in using the same credentials you set up in step3️⃣

*If you already have the platform downloaded, remember to configure your license as explained in steps 6️⃣ and 7️⃣

🚨NOTE: If you've already had or currently have a Live account or an active program, and you had configured your license in the new version of NinjaTrader, you don't need to locate the license again. Just make sure to open ''Connections'' - ''Configure'' - and verify your account parameters like this:

Live account: 



Evaluation Program: 


That's it! 😉