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General information about UProfit Programs, the UProfit Live Account, connection guides to our recommended platforms, and more.

The Basic 9k Live Account

Find your feet in the Futures market with this Program and test your unique trading strategy without risking any capital.

Assignment fee = $99

The monthly subscription is renewed every 30 calendar days from the first payment made. It will be active until you reach the profit target and move to a Live Account or your subscription can be canceled at any time through your Trading Dashboard. Find more information here.

Account parameters

Daily Loss Limit: $350

Pro Drawdown: $800

Safety Net: $800

Trading volume: minimum 1 trade per week.


What are the rules?


Scaling contracts

There is no scaling contracts for the basic 9k Live Account.

Pro Drawdown 

The Pro Drawdown will only take your profits into consideration at the end of the trading day and is updated when your account balance reaches a new high at the end of any trading day.

You can keep track of your Pro Drawdown using your Trading Dashboard at the end of every trading day (3:10 PM CT). 


Daily Loss Limit

Having an established daily loss limit will allow you to develop and strengthen your discipline. Also, assuming and accepting the risk will lead you to define your trades in accordance with the monetary management and size of your account.


The Daily Loss Limit includes commissions and fees, so it is VERY important to track it directly from the RTrader platform. 


Markets and Schedules

Traders can operate products MNQ, MES and M2k within the CME,.

The schedule for each trading day is set and should be taken into consideration to avoid breaking any rules  (Sunday 5:00 pm to Friday 3:10 pm CT).


You are required to have a minimum trading volume: 1 trade per week (a trading week is considered to be from Sunday 5:00 pm CT to Friday 3:10 pm CT).

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