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What payment methods are allowed?

Hey Uprofiter!🚀

Take a look at the payment methods we accept and how to use them🔎

📌The payment process varies depending on the payment method you choose.


See how it works:

1️⃣ After registering, connect to your account.
2️⃣ Click "Buy new program".
3️⃣ Choose the program of your choice. Click "Proceed to checkout" in the pop-up window that will appear.
4️⃣ Enter your personal information and click "Next"
5️⃣ Let's look at how to finish the payment, based on the method you choose.



🖇️ Choose "Card" as your payment method.
🖇️ Enter your card's information, and choose the terms and conditions box☑️if you agree with them.
🖇️ Click "Pay $"

That's it!




💻 PayPal:

🖇️ Choose "PayPal" as your payment method.
🖇️ Remember to click the terms and conditions box☑️if you agree with them, then click ''PayPal''.
🖇️ A pop-up window will appear, to access your PayPal account,
🖇️ Select the payment method you'll use with PayPal, then click "Continue".
🖇️ Review the payment information, then click "Accept and subscribe".

You're done!




🪙 Cryptocurrency:

🖇️ Choose "Crypto" as your payment method.
🖇️ Don't forget to click the terms and conditions box☑️if you agree with them, then click ''Pay using Crypto''.
🖇️ A drop-down menu with the available currencies will display. Choose the Cryptocurrency you'll use to make your payment.

🖇️ You will be directed to, where you can see the payment information. To complete the payment from your Crypto wallet directly, you can either copy the address or scan the QR code using your wallet.

You will receive a confirmation email once the payment has been received.




💰 PayRetailers, this payment method is only available for LATAM.


You should check this out👇

Please keep in mind that if you pay for your subscription using Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal, the monthly payment will be made automatically.

If you use PayRetailers or Cryptocurrency to make the payment, you'll need to manually make the payment through the Uprofit website each month.



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How does the monthly subscription work?