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What are the rules for trading in an Evaluation Program?

Hey Uprofiter! 🚀

To begin your journey in the Futures market and successfully complete an evaluation program, keep the following in mind👇


Target and minimum trading days:
The minimum number of trading days to start with a Live Account is 5 days. However, you can trade for as many days as you need to reach your account’s goal.


Daily Loss Limit:
A set Daily Loss Limit will allow you to develop and strengthen your discipline 🏋️, plus it will encourage you to complete your trades based on money management and account size.


Pro Drawdown:
The Pro Drawdown will only take into account your profits at the end of the trading day and will be updated when the account balance reaches a new maximum balance at the end of any trading day.

📌You can track your Pro Drawdown using your Dashboard 🎛️, remember to do so at the end of each trading day.


Keep in mind that trading hours begin at 6:00 PM ET and end at 4:10 PM ET the following day. More information on hours can be found here👈


📌 If you violate the rules at any time ⛔ you can restore your account. This is called a "Reset". More information on resetting can be found here.