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What is the Rollover?

Hey Uprofiter! πŸš€

Let's see what Rollover is and how it worksπŸ”Ž

The Rollover means that a Futures trader stops trading the current contract πŸ”š and starts trading the next contract πŸ†•

The Rollover concept is unique to the Futures market due to the fact that Futures contracts are traded for a certain period of time before expiration πŸ”šπŸ“†

With the Rollover, we update our graphics to the new contract πŸ“Š

When it is time to renew the contract in the market of your choice, you will need to make the corresponding adjustments in the contract before the Rollover date.


πŸ“’ Applies for evaluation programs and Live Accounts.

πŸ“’You should do the Rollover when the new contract has more volume than the current contract.

🚨If you don't do the Rollover on the specific date, you will be in violation of our trading rules β›”


How to do the Rollover?

 The Rollover is very simple, you can see real-time trading volume with NinjaTrader's Market Analyzer feature πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»


Would you like to learn how to use the Market Analyzer tool in NinjaTrader and complete a Rollover? Then you should take a look at this video πŸ‘€

Take a look at this info πŸ”Ž

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