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What is the Rollover?

Rollover refers to when a Futures trader stops trading the current contract and starts trading the next contract. 

The concept of Rollover is unique to the Futures market, as Futures contracts are traded for a specific period of time before they expire. What we do with Rollover is update our charts to the new contract.

When the time for contract rollover comes in your chosen market, you have to make the proper adjustments to the contract by the rollover date. Whether you are in an evaluation program or trading a Live account, if you do not take care of this by the specified date, you will be in violation of our required trading rules. 

You should do the Rollover when the new contract has more volume than the current contract.


How to do the Rollover 

You can verify the volume in real-time through the Market Analyzer function of Ninja Trader.

Check out this video to learn how to use the Market Analyzer tool in NinjaTrader and complete your Rollover.

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