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What do I need to trade a Uprofit Live Account?

Hey Uprofiter! 🚀

Are you ready to start using your Live Account now that you have completed your Evaluation Program?


Take a look at what you need to get your Live Account started 🔎

Assignment fee: 

When signing your Live Account agreement ✍️, you’ll need to pay a one-time assignment fee to cover data costs. Uprofit will cover the fee for the following months😉


📌Remember that there are no monthly fees or charges for traders in the Uprofit Live Account. 


Do you know how much the one-time assignment fee is for each account? Here you can see this information 👇

🖇️ 9K Account: $100
🖇️ 25K Account: $150
🖇️ 30K Account: $150

🖇️ 50K Account: $150
🖇️ 100K Account: $250
🖇️ 150K Account: $250
🖇️ 200K Account: $380


🚨 Remember that once you receive your credentials, they will be activated with the opening of the market.

📢 Please keep in mind that you need to complete the evaluation process first🧑‍🎓to access your Live Account.