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What is a Reset?

Hey Uprofiter! 🚀

Let's talk about what a Reset is and how they work!🔁

Depending on the type of account you have, there are certain rules you need to follow in order to approve your evaluation program and start trading in a Live Account.

If at any point you violate a rule⛔, we offer you the option of what we call a Reset🔁. If you find yourself breaking a rule and are in need of a Reset, then you can select the option from your Dashboard in order to restore your account balance and the rules.


📌You can apply a Reset for $59 for the 9K evaluation program, $175 for the 150K evaluation program, and $99 for all other evaluation programs


🚨 This is important for you: When your subscription is up for renewal and you have a broken rule, we will give you a free reset so that you can continue your evaluation program as usual 🙌😉


🚨 Please note that applying a Reset to your account will not change the billing date of your monthly subscription.

📢 Don't forget that you can reset your account at any time by clicking "Reset" in your Control Panel 🎛️







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