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NinjaTrader8 Connection - Live Account

  1. Download and install NinjaTrader 8 here. We recommend downloading version 8. 
  2. Open the email with the UProfit Trader Live Credentials.

  3. The first thing to do is to configure the license that we sent you by email with your credentials. Go to NinjaTrader - Help - License Key and delete the license that comes with the platform. Copy the one we sent from UProfit. You will find your exclusive NinjaTrader License Key in your welcome email.

  4. The platform will tell you that you have activated the Global Simulation Mode, and you must deactivate it. To do this, click on Tools and then click on Global Simulation Mode to uncheck it.

  5. Then, go to the credentials configurationConnections > Configure. The Connections screen will open, there you must double click on My Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage.

  6. After that, on the right-hand side in Properties you will be able to enter your credentials.

  7. In the Connection Name box you can put the name you want for your  connection, then copy the Username and paste it in the Username box and copy the Password and paste it in the Password box.

  8. Make sure that the option (Uprofit Trader) is selected  in the System box. If the box does not allow you to select it and you see that the option is checked, then everything is correct. If the box does not allow you to look at the options then you have not yet configured the license and should go back to the previous step.

  9. Finally click on "Apply" and then "OK". The platform is now configured!

  10. In order to log in, you have to click on Connections and then click on the name you have given to your account.

  11. On the lower left-hand side, you will see a light that changes from gray to yellow and finally to green, indicating that you are connected and ready to go.

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